The trouble with wholesale

It seems to us that the key to successfully buying wholesale — particularly in the world of resale — is who you know. Scams and fraud are rampant. If you haven’t been affected by a disingenuous buyer or vendor yourself, you’ve certainly heard talk of someone having to plead their case to PayPal or eBay, oftentimes to still end up out both their money and their time.

The larger the order, the greater the risk. For this reason, many wholesale liquidators and resellers simply won’t do business with anyone outside of their own private network. In combination with the high minimum orders public suppliers require, this makes great deals on inventory feel inaccessible to those just setting out to grow a career in reselling. The average wholesale marketplace that is feasible for someone just getting their feet wet offers so little transparency about the quality and value of goods that the risk feels too great for many.

Our mission

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to grow their resale business by expanding access to wholesale buying and selling. Rather than putting unsustainable amounts of investment and time into making connections in exclusive circles, or making risky deals on social media platforms not designed for bulk sales, you can come to Haulsale to source directly from individuals with lots of goods to liquidate and know you’re protected.

We are a managed marketplace, meaning that human review is involved in every step of our process. If you’re on our site, it’s because you’re a seller. You know that it’s never so simple as “the customer is always right.” Sometimes, the buyer is actively abusing a loophole in an algorithmically driven system. And of course, plenty of times sellers do the same.

Here’s how we protect all of our customers on Haulsale:

  1. We make it simple and fast for sellers to provide total transparency about their product by adding detailed manifests to their listings. Higher buyer confidence means a higher selling price.
  2. We screen lots for quality and fair pricing and show buyers a detailed breakdown of the true cost of goods in every listing.
  3. We closely monitor account behavior and track the number and nature of disputes to protect sellers from false claims and buyers from dis-satisfactory sellers.
  4. We reserve the right to remove any buyer or seller from our platform at any time. Judgements about appropriate behavior are at our sole discretion, but we accept appeals in writing and will, to the best of our ability, provide detailed explanations for any action taken.
  5. For all transactions, payment is collected upfront by Haulsale and held in escrow for several days after the delivery of a purchase order.
  6. We use a payment pre-authorization system to ensure that all bids are covered and we ensure funds have been collected before a seller ships.
  7. All sales on Haulsale are final and items are sold as-is. All buyers buying or bidding on Haulsale agree that they have read the full lot listing and that they are entering into a legally binding contract subject to our complete terms and conditions.
  8. We do, however, partially or fully refund our buyers when the order is not received or is damaged in transit (for this reason, we strongly recommend the purchase of shipping insurance) or if the order is missing items that were included in the manifest.
  9. We guarantee that the quantity of items stated is accurate and require all sellers to include an exact or minimum quantity in their listings.
  10. To use our payment processor, Stripe, to cash out their earnings, sellers are required to verify their identity (either as an individual or business). This verification helps Haulsale to maintain a safe place to buy and sell while also allowing us to provide sellers with 1099 tax forms for their earnings. This information is transmitted securely and will not be stored by Haulsale.