About Haulsale

We're an all-female team of resellers and technologists dedicated to making sourcing easier and more efficient across the board.

We 💖 resale

It's truly an incredible field. As resellers, we're fuelling our local economies, preventing billions of goods annually from hitting landfills, and creating meaningful, sustainable work on our own terms - no matter our background, gender, race, or life situation. Plus, it's actually fun!

In this day and age, what other business can you say that about?

Our mission

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to grow their resale business by expanding access to wholesale buying and selling.

Rather than putting unsustainable amounts of investment and time into making connections in exclusive circles, or making risky deals on social media platforms not designed for bulk sales, you can come to Haulsale to source directly from individuals with lots of goods to liquidate and know you’re protected.

Meet our team


Product & tech

Software dev, fashion photographer, only buys second-hand, Forbes 30U30



Lifelong thrifter, sales director, passionate about sustainability to the point of being annoying


Finance & operations

Retail arbitrageur, former fund management VP, certified yoga instructor, Forbes 30U30


Customer success

Posher, bin-slayer, accomplished customer success and growth manager

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